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Best films of 2014 by genre

By Christian Herrera

As the world of cinematic art anticipates what 2015 has to offer, Christian Herrera, arts and entertainment editor, takes a look back and reviews his favorite films of 2014 by genre.

REVIEW: ‘The DUFF’ denounces the use of labels with fair share of laughs

By Jac Rhine

As the "designated ugly fat friend," or DUFF for short, Bianca Piper must learn what it means to be comfortable in her own skin in this year's latest comedy. Jac Rhine reviews "The DUFF."

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Fitzgerald ready to begin professional acting career

By Jared Huhta

While pursing a major in film production, senior Grant Fitzgerald discovered his true passion in theater. In anticipation for his future acting career, Fitzgerald said he would rather take up more drama classes than go on the senior film internship in Los Angelas.