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REVIEW: ‘American Sniper’ asks questions no war film dares to bring up

By Matt Whitney

Matt Whitney reviews "American Sniper." He explains why the film succeeds in asking the tough questions about war.

REVIEW: ‘Selma’ is inspiring look into the civil rights movement

By Matt Whitney

Much like Martin Luther King enthused and empowered mass audiences with his leadership, "Selma" recreates the same passion, moving audiences in a stimulating, biographical film. Matt Whitney reviews "Selma."

REVIEW: ‘Big Hero 6′ advocates interracial friendships

By Christian Herrera

Disney Animated Studios' latest film breaks away from normative portrayals of friendships with the interracial and titular group of interracial friends. Christian Herrera explains how the studio advocates diversity without stereotyping the characters.

REVIEW: ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ exhibits amazing talent, complete with artificial rain

By Jaime Hillegonds

"Singin' in the Rain" captures the essence of the original film of the same name all while provoking cheers and laughter from the audience. Jaime Hillegonds explains how the musical's stellar performances, design and costume makes for a great time.