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REVIEW: ‘Wilder Mind’ successfully pushes Mumford’s boundaries

By Thommy Brown

Leaving the traditional folk sound behind, Mumford and Sons latest album, "Wilder Mind" introduces an innovative and dynamic quality sure to invoke emotion from fans and new listeners alike. Thommy Brown reviews the album.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Shouse ‘blessed’ with opportunities for exposure

By Christian Herrera

In pursuit of following the footsteps in the great cinematographers before him, Matt Shouse encountered many opportunities for exposure, including being entered into the Heartland Film Festival two consecutive years.

REVIEW: ‘The Longest Ride’ challenges audiences to rethink Hollywood love

By Jac Rhine

"The Longest Ride" stands out with it's unparalleled outlook on love. Breaking away from Hollywood cliches, the film becomes an instant romantic classic. Jac Rhine reviews the film.

REVIEW: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ dazzles in exicting modern adaption

By Cody Melin

The university's alterations to the classic Shakespearean play, "Romeo and Juliet," made for an enjoyable time as well as a captivating experience. Sophomore Cody Melin reviews the play.