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REVIEW: ‘Annabelle’ is the year’s biggest cliche

By Christian Herrera

Been there, done that. "Annabelle" fails to present a new light on the haunted doll genre.

REVIEW: ‘Davis Hall Follies’ inspires, enthralls and entertains

By Christian Herrera

Christian Herrera reviews the annual "Davis Hall Follies" competition that took place Oct. 4 over homecoming weekend. He explains why it was his favorite "follies" yet.

REVIEW: ‘The Boxtrolls’ doesn’t think outside the box

By Grant Fitzgerald

Despite the plots predictability, "The Box Trolls" stunning visuals and fluid stop-motion animation are sure to charm audiences.

REVIEW: ‘The Maze Runner’ is a mystery better left unsolved

By Lukas Salazar

Lukas Salazar reviews "The Maze Runner." He explains why the plot twists ruin the mystery of the film but recommends it for fans of the novel.