Is dorm representation a better representative system for Student Senate?

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OPINION: Hypocrites and moral authority

By Jonathan Krull

People have a gut reaction to discount what a hypocrite tells them is the right thing to do. Jonathan Krull suggests that this is not the biblical response and that Jesus commands we listen to truth no matter how the person saying it behaves.

OPINION: Quality trumps quantity in education

By Jean Donaldson

New education programs are being funded, but could they be missing the point? Jean Donaldson suggests that education will not improve at any cost if the passion of students is not there.

OPINION: Charity—what’s missing in debate today

By Alex Hoffman

Alex Hoffman discusses the importance of approaching arguments that oppose your beliefs with a charitable attitude. He suggests striving to learn truth should be prioritized higher than winning in debates.

EDITORIAL: Ignoring bullying is not a solution

By Huntingtonian editorial staff

Bullying is not an issue that disappears after high school and it exists even on a Christian campus. There are simple ways to work towards a safer, more welcoming atmosphere on campus.