The $100 beer – the cost of drinking as a student

By Christian Herrera

Students and faculty react to the regulations the university sets on consuming alcohol.

Computer science majors design video game, police reporting system

By Miranda Palmer

Students have learned much through the large amounts of time they have spent putting together “Project Oriana.”

Preserving the history of privies

By Grace Green

“Once you have two of anything, you have a collection,” said world-famous outhouse collector Hy Goldenberg in a 1996 interview with Farm Show. Goldenberg accidentally became a collector of outhouses in 1960 when he purchased one for the men working on his house in an isolated forest area in Huntington County. The man sent to

A prison play on the way

By Joni Knott

Jack Heller teaches Shakespeare at the Pendleton Correctional Facility, preparing inmates for their first performance.