Changes in admissions policies could mean changes for on campus students

By Abigail Thiebaut

addmissions chartOn April 25, expect to see around 100 incoming freshmen take the campus by storm for an early registration weekend. These students will be housed by admissions staff and students who are willing to volunteer their room for the weekend, said vice president for enrollment and marketing, Jeff Berggren.

This is just one of the ways we can expect Huntington University class of 2018 to make an impact on our campus over the next year. With nearly two hundred students making deposits for next year, this class has the potential to be larger than typical.

Berggren explained that while these numbers aren’t typical, they aren’t reasons for alarm. Because of some technique changes, the admissions department says they are seeing earlier deposits and not necessarily a higher number in the end.  One way that they are hoping to expedite students sending in deposits is by offering incentives in the month of February. The main goal for this change was to get students who were already planning on coming, but were putting off depositing. An example of this type of student would be athletes who have already committed to playing for the school.

While they haven’t exceeded any goals yet, next year’s class is expected to be larger than this year’s freshman class, which was smaller than average, Berggren said.

“The biggest class we’ve ever had was 275,” Berggren said. “Our goal within the office is to hit that number, but the institutional goal is to bounce back to a five year average, that 245-250 range.”

Berggren also noted that “it won’t be shocking” to see the class of 2018 to reach record breaking enrollment numbers. Noting that, despite poor showing in January and February, campus visits are up by nearly 150 compared to this time last year. Last week alone the campus saw over 30 visits.

“We’ve been going bananas over here” Berggren said of the recent influx of visitors.

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