Students to present at annual academic research

By Yang Wu


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The annual academic research forum will be held at 3 p.m. in the Dowden Science Hall April 23. Classes will be moved up two hours because of the event.

It also witnesses the first time that freshmen are brought in the forum.

“It used to be in the MCA, but I want it to be in the Science Hall because there are more rooms available so we can do a lot of presentations in a short period of time,” junior Aron Tan, international student representative, said.

The forum features 21 presentations by 24 students from 11 departments. The students will be separated into six rooms, which are Hinder Hall, room 121, 124, 125, 224 and 226. They will give simultaneous presentations.

The presenters are nominated by each department, and there isn’t a fixed number for each department. Freshman will also be allowed to participate in the event for the first time.

“I’m very excited to present in the Academic Research Forum,” freshman Sangeun Woo said, who will present his topic on relations between Korea and Japan..

Except for these changes, Tan indicated, the research forum still functions as a platform for university students to present their research in their academic career. Every presenter will be given a gift card as a way of being thanked for sharing their work.

Sophomore Anna O’Dell is presenting her research on Indiana’s sports concussion law, even if the only thing related to her major is analyzing a bill. It is her brother who has been suffering post-concussion as a high school athlete that drives her to work on this topic.

“The process (of doing the research) is a lot of hard work so I’m hoping this is a good ending that people who are interested in this topic will come and listen,” she said.

She regarded this forum as a good one which pushes the students to do more and become more educated.

Chapel credit will be offered at the forum.

“I love this forum so I go pretty much every year,” senior Emily Yarman, who will present on the biological case for homosexuality, said. “It is a really great opportunity for the students to showcase, and for others to learn.”

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