Senate working on new constitution, representative system

By Jared Huhta

(Logo provided)

(Logo provided)

Huntington University’s Student Senate is working with last year’s, this year’s and next year’s Executive Boards to draft a new constitution and restructure senate as a whole.

Tentative plans involve having two representatives from each dorm, rather than having three representatives from each class. There will still be one class representative for each class with the exception of two for the freshmen class.

“I think it’s necessary so that we have better representation within the student body,” junior Aron Tan, next year’s student body president, said. “A representative is more likely to know the needs of their dorm and their building than the needs of their class.”

Next year’s senate would also include representatives from the Student Activities Board and the Friesen Center for Volunteer Services.

Executive Board, Public Relations, and the International Student Council members will stay the same. Senate would like to enact this starting next year.

A vote was taken to approve the senate restructuring process at the meeting April 16. All voting members on senate at the meeting were in favor of the motion.

Read about student concerns with the current constitution here.

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