University will launch new laundry system next year 2

By Erin Rockey

Freshman Stephen Kays puts quarters in to do laundry on the current machines.   (Photo by Jared Huhta)

Freshman Stephen Kays puts quarters in to do laundry on the current machines. (Photo by Jared Huhta)

The university’s staff is currently working together to upgrade the laundry system.

Jesse Brown, associate dean of student development, says the installation will take place this summer and be ready for next fall.

“This has been a concern of students we [student senate] have been trying to address for quite some time now, and it is exciting to finally see progress,” Luke McConnell, student body president, said.

McConnell said students will react positively to the new laundry system.

“The new system will provide more innovative machines and dryers that will be maintained by outside vendors,” he said. “Students will be able to wash clothes more often. The staff believes this will benefit students as they will no longer overfill the machines and will not need to collect quarters.”

Julie Hendryx, interim vice president of business and finance, said students will appreciate the new system.

“We believe students will take laundry home less, and there will be less downtime with machines since they will be new,” she said. “Based on the open concept, they are less likely to be overloaded.”

Since quarters will no longer be used, students living in residence halls will be charged a semester fee. The fee is yet to be determined.

“Since we are likely to avoid the additional cost of a card reader system and will have the machines wide open, no charging, we will need to charge the fee to all residence halls students,” Hendryx said.

The university is still working through details for Forester Village laundry rooms, she said.

“My only concerns are the transitions for students as they get acclimated to the new system,” Brown said. “I anticipate that it will be an advantage for students.  I hope that it will make living on campus more convenient and attractive.”

McConnell is confident that using outside vendors to maintain machine maintenance will be an improvement.

“Just with any new system, there may be some minor issues in the beginning of implementation,” he said. “However, I am confident by using outside vendors the overall process will go smoothly and be a great improvement for students.”

2 thoughts on “University will launch new laundry system next year

  1. Reply Concerned Student Apr 3,2014 10:38 pm

    What if students simply do not want to do their laundry on campus? Will the fee be contingent to students’ preferences and needs? Some people do laundry often and some do not- it would not make sense to charge them all the same fee.

  2. Reply Another Concerned Student Apr 4,2014 3:17 pm

    This will be very convenient for students who do not leave near home, but as of the cost right now the $50 fee/15 weeks would be over $3 per week for laundry. Right now, that would cover two loads. I do not think any students, even from far away, do two loads a week. Maybe rare occasion. I know the extra funds go to maintenance of the machines but for students who rarely do laundry on campus it just results in another fee they must pay on top of the technology fee, printing fee, activity fee, etc.

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