Students to venture to Israel for J-term

By Alex Pollock

Several students will journey to Israel and Turkey for January term 2014. The group will visit  famous biblical sites during their three week tour of the area.

“I would expect that our students would learn more of the geography, archaeology, history and biblical significance of Israel and Turkey,”  Mark Fairchild, Ph.D., trip leader, said.

The trip includes tours of biblical cities such as Nazareth, Jericho and Jerusalem.

Sophomore Jordan Sexton is one of the students attending the trip.

“I’m most excited about getting to walk where Jesus walked,” Sexton said.

The team will be in the Middle East Jan. 4-19 and will visit more than eight different cities and multiple synagogues. The trip also features a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee and trips to museums.

“It’s one thing to talk about the Bible,” Fairchild said. “It’s another thing to personally experience the land and to see the remains and artifacts from 2,000 years ago … It’s a time where God meets us and takes us back in time.”

The team also expects the trip to be a tool for spiritual enhancement.

“I hope being on it will bring me deeper revelation,” Sexton said. “It will be more real, the Bible brought to life.”

Fairchild is a regular visitor to the area and has had his photos published in “Biblical Archeology and Review,” an archeology publication read around the world. His photos are currently hanging in the second level of Loew-Brenn Hall.

“I would hope that God would touch the students’ lives during this trip in ways that go beyond an academic experience,” he said.

Fairchild is confident in the positive influence it has on participating students.

“These trips have a profound impact upon those who participate,” Fairchild said.

The group may visit tombs similar to the one above in central Israel. (Photo provided)

The group may visit tombs similar to the one above in central Israel. (Photo provided)


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