BRIEF: Students to participate in ‘Twisted Track’ event

By Laura Good

The Recreation Administration and Programming class will host an event on campus called Twisted Track Smack at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 18. Held in the PLEX fieldhouse, teams of three will compete in events like dizzy shot-put, noodle toss, tricycle sprint and Frisbee discuss.

“We had to do a campus wide event for our class so we decided to do something that was different and would be fun for everyone,” Junior Kelsi Schouten said.

It will be similar to a track meet, but not with the conventional events one would expect. Prizes for the winners are an incentive to participate as well as a free t-shirt. A total of 16 teams signed up to compete against each other.

“It will be exciting to see everyone participating in crazy events that you don’t have a chance to do everyday,” Schouten said.

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