Students discuss print media discernment at Residence Life event

By Michelle Embree


Student peruse through the books available for the book exchange at “Ctrl P.” (Photo by Michelle Embree)

Residence Life hosted a print media discernment event called Ctrl P Nov. 12 in the Dowden Science Hall.  Attendants of the event went to three 15 minute sessions which focused on advertisement, poetry and news media.

Senior James Parker, Junior Ashish Dhingra and Kelsey Snyder led a discussion on the unrealistic and misleading nature of many advertisements.  Jesse Brown, associate dean of student development, discussed different approaches to reading poetry and shared one of his own poems. Junior Jared Huhta, Huntingtonian editor-in-chief, presented on how to recognize and avoid news bias.

Sophomore Angelica Thompson said she thinks the poetry session will help her improve her own song-writing skills.

“It opened my eyes to ‘Oh, I should probably start reading more poetry because I would probably get a better connection with my own music … because it gives me more ideas and examples and stuff,’” Thompson said.

“Jesse Brown had a great poem that he wrote himself and it was awesome just to see how much emotion he could put into words,” sophomore Ben Blum said.

Sophomore Kody Hope said he specifically appreciated Huhta’s honesty about a time when his own writing was challenged on the grounds of being biased.

“ A lot of people would say media bias exists, but I’m not [biased],” Hope said. “I think [Huhta’s talk] was really interesting because, I mean, we’re all capable of media bias.”

Resident assistants Parker, Dhingra, Nicco Ravenna, Lindey Kuvshinikov, Caitlin Trainer, Gina Boucouras and Kelsey Snider coordinated the event. Resident Director Danielle Shafer oversaw the project.

Students received elective chapel credit and participated in an optional book exchange as well.

“[We] know that print media has a predominant influence in the lives of young adults,” Boucouras said. “We hope that as a result of this event, participants will be more informed about what type of print media that they consume and allow to influence their worldview. In addition, we hope to show participants that consuming print media can not only be informative but also enjoyable.”

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