‘Pack the Platt’ attempts to revive school spirit

By Brooks Hooley


The cheerleaders lead the student body during “Pack the Platt” to boost school spirit (Photo by Brooks Hooley)

Student senate hosted Pack the Platt Nov. 13 as part of an effort to restore school spirit at the university. Students filled Platt Arena in support of the university’s men’s and women’s basketball teams.

This was the first school spirit-oriented event planned by Student Senate’s Spirit Committee. Student Senate formed the committee this year.

“This committee was formed because the last few years school spirt at athletic competitions has not been great,” Tyson Bradley-Kalischuk, sophomore class president, said. “Over the years, the school spirit has decreased, and we want to fix this. We want the athletes to feel that they are loved by the school, and that we support them for their effort.”

The event consisted of team and player introductions, cheerleaders teaching new cheers for the season and student-faculty exhibition games.

“I thought the event went really well,” senior Hannah Fox, senator at large, said. “It was really fun seeing everyone come and support the team. The turnout was great. I feel like it accomplished the goal we wanted it to. People got to see the team and learn cheers and have fun.”

Pack the Platt was the first of several themes that the Spirit Committee is hosting this basketball season.

“As of right now there are no large events planned,” sophomore and student body president Luke McConnell said. “However, we will be doing different theme nights for games.”

Bradley-Kalischuk said senate is considering green outs, white outs, black outs, faculty appreciation and Goodwill events. If the theme nights are not enough, senate has provided other incentives for students to attend games down the stretch of the season.

“We also just created punch cards that will allow students to receive a prize once they have attended eight games,” Bradley-Kalischuk said. “They will receive these punch cards at a game when they walk in.”

Poll conducted Nov. 14-17.

Poll conducted Nov. 14-17.

The student section in Platt Arena has not had an official name for some time. After some discussion, the Spirit Committee decided upon the name “The Forest.” Bradley-Kalischuk said that students are more than welcome to participate in leading the student section.

“We need ‘storm leaders’ or the cheer leaders that will start chants and coordinate ‘The Forest,’” he said. “They are an important part of this to be successful. We have identified over ten people to make up the storm leaders and begin cheering immediately. We invite anyone that wants to get involved to email senate or let one of us know.”

There are 12 men’s games and 9 women’s games left in Platt Arena this basketball season.

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