‘We’re doing it': Floor plans to beat Guinness world record in four square 9

By Jaime Hillegonds

Sophomore Austin Flores serves the ball during an evening game of four square on Baker 2nd. (Photo by Jaime Hillegonds)

Sophomore Austin Flores serves the ball during an evening game of four square on Baker 2nd. (Photo by Jaime Hillegonds)

In support of the Baker 2nd four square tradition, the floor is attempting to beat the world record for Guinness World Records’ “longest marathon playing foursquare.”

Over January term break 2014, the students will attempt to beat the holding record of 29 consecutive hours.

To beat the record, eight players need to play a regular four square game with specific Guinness-issued rules and regulations. But the floor is not planning on just beating the record. They plan on crushing it.

“We’re going for 48 consecutive hours,” sophomore Austin Flores said. “The game just keeps going.”

The previous record holders, eight Argentinian men, have held this record since Dec. 12 and 13, 2008. The then-college students attended Buenos Aires International Christian Academy in Argentina.

“It’s a Christian campus too,” Flores said. “So it’s kind of like, ‘We’re at a Christian campus, so what are we going to do? Play four square and beat the record.’”

The idea to beat the world record in four square has been floating around the floor for a while now, Flores said.

“We were kind of joking around [about beating the world record],” he said. “We wanted to do it last year, but it just never happened. This year though we were like, ‘We should try doing it,’ and everybody went, ‘Yeah, okay. This is a good idea.’”

Members of Baker 2nd have tried beating the record before in 2009, but they were not successful. They played for 33 consecutive hours, four hours over the holding record.

“That was a few years ago, and they just didn’t do the proper format,” Flores said. “They had a big stack of papers of things they did wrong, so it doesn’t count.”

Once the members of the floor and the most avid four square players confirmed the idea for J-term, they posted a sign up sheet.

“It filled up in less than five minutes,” freshman Tanner Brooks said.

Eight players are allowed to participate in the game. As of now, junior Paul Monroe, sophomore Derek Zurcher, Flores, junior Stephen Crane, freshman Tanner Brooks, senior Brooks Hooley and freshman Remington Poulin will participate in the record-breaking attempt. Freshman Brett Smith, senior Matt Whitney and freshman Sam Jones are the alternates in case something would happen to the original eight players.

They have not yet sent in the application, which takes about six weeks to process. Zurcher looked up the rules and found out about the procedures.

“They have a whole stack of rules that we need to follow in order for it to be official,” Flores said.

They have not yet received the packet containing all of the rules, but they are aware of a few of the basic guidelines. The court needs to be of regulation size, the balls need to be a certain pressure and respected witnesses need to be at the tournament.

“We have to have two witnesses that have to sign off and say that they witnessed it,” Zurcher said. “They have to be considered prestigious people in the community, like President Emberton or a professor or a police officer.”

They are still unsure if these witnesses will have to be present for the entire record-breaking attempt or just parts of it.

“Pretty much we’re going to have to get a local news station to be there and verify that we actually did it,” Flores said.

The students may ask former Baker 2nd resident, Adam Widener, reporter for WANE-TV, to document the tournament.

“As long as we’re following stipulations, I don’t see why [they] wouldn’t approve our application,” Monroe said.

The tournament will be in Baker/Roush lounge or in the Merillat Complex if they can get clearance from the proper authority. They have a duct tape court on the floor, but it does not meet the regulation size.

“We will have to get approval because the lounge closes at a certain time, so that’s the only concern,” Monroe said. “If that’s the case, we’ll have to get that cleared. We might have to go to the PLEX, but even then, that closes too.”

They are planning to ask Mallory Jones, Baker/Roush resident director, for approval. They also plan to let Barry Cochran, director of campus police, know about the event.

The tournament itself will consist of the eight players alternating four-hour shifts.

“Four-hour shifts of four people, and then you’re able to switch out,” Monroe said. “You keep playing. It just goes in the line.”

The game does not restart if the ball goes out of bounds.

“It’s not like, ‘Oh, crap, we hit it out. Now we need to restart,’” Flores said. “That’d be awful … We’ll eat, sleep, do whatever we have to for those four hours. Otherwise, [we] hold it.”

The members of the floor play four square daily, but Flores said the biggest challenge will be following all of the rules because they are serious about breaking the record.

“As long as we have proper clearance, it’s going to happen,” Flores said. “We’re doing it.”

9 thoughts on “‘We’re doing it': Floor plans to beat Guinness world record in four square

  1. Reply Nick Colgrove Nov 21,2013 4:31 pm

    This is a fantastic idea. The Baker/Roush lounge may be better, since you’ll be able to chase the ball down faster when it goes out. That’ll help conserve energy. The downside is you’re more likely to run into interference from people passing through.

    Only one error in the article: the 2009 Baker 2nd group played for 33 hours and 18 minutes, not 31 hours. :-)

    Anyway, best of luck B2 – I’m looking forward to hearing that you’ve crushed the record (or seeing it, if you make a timelapse of the event)!

  2. Reply Jameel Brenneman Nov 21,2013 4:42 pm

    A fantastic idea, maybe. A bold idea, to be sure.

    I only have one thing to say: tread lightly.

    Ye know not the darkness that can creep inside a person who has played consecutive hours and hours of foursquare. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced that darkness. And that was after just 33 hours and 18 minutes (not 31 hours!!) of the stuff. You’re going for 48? I shiver at the thought.

  3. Reply Nick Colgrove Nov 21,2013 5:15 pm

    Jameel, I emphatically reject “bold” and ask that you reconsider “fantastic.”

    And true enough regarding the impact the game has on one’s mind, but you left out the part about the loss of one’s property that will almost certainly result. All I know is that at the beginning of the 2009 attempt, I owned a camera and a comfortable pair of slippers and at the end, I owned nothing but pieces of each.

    On a related note, dear members of B2, do not attempt to break the record whilst wearing slippers. And keep the cameras at a distance.

  4. Reply Jared Huhta, editor-in-chief Nov 21,2013 5:34 pm

    EDITOR’S NOTE: We have changed the old Baker 2nd record from 31 hours to 33 hours, the actual time the floor had when attempting to beat the Guiness record for consecutive hours of four square. We apologize for the inaccurate information. Thank you, Jameel Brenneman and Nick Colgrove, for pointing it out!

  5. Reply Josh Lanphier Nov 21,2013 8:53 pm

    I love this! Years of a great idea being put into practice. It will be a shame that non of the awesome Baker 2nd rules will be able to be used, but I obviously understand the requirments. Also, it would be great if Tanner Wyse were one of them that would be playing, he would make sure that game got hot!

  6. Reply Megan Adams Nov 27,2013 9:56 am

    I don’t know why you guys even try, the system is rigged. One time in Hardy we played for 35 hours, turned in the tape, and they claim they never received it! So sad

  7. Reply Gage Waltz Jan 23,2014 6:32 pm

    Nice! You guys are finally doing it! Proud to be a B2 Alumn!

  8. Reply Sarah Osborne Jan 24,2014 1:30 pm

    Wonderful! It must be something about our campus…I recently found in an old year book that my Aunt Charity (Martindale) and Uncle Charles Martindale attempted to break the Guinness work record in playing the longest volleyball game when they were students at HU. Great stuff!

  9. Reply Andy Knoop Jan 28,2014 8:44 am

    @Sarah: I was at HU with your aunt and uncle. That same weekend, there were world record attempts for the longest foosball game, longest Uno game, and longest time spent in a canoe on Lake Sno-Tip, among others. The volleyball game was the most successful, and, if I remember correctly, briefly set the world record before it was broken a few weeks or months later by another college team. Well done, Baker 2!

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