REVIEW: Gold iPhone 5s is worth the wait

By Jaime Hillegonds

The gold iPhone 5s (Photo provided by

The gold iPhone 5s (Photo provided by

Apple has done it again. They created a smartphone that, of course, is their best one yet. Touch ID. A “slo-mo” camera. Classy, new colors. A faster processing system. These are just a few of the qualities that this smart phone provides users with.

The best part about the iPhone 5s is the Touch ID. No more sliding to unlock. No more typing in four digit pass codes. All you have to do is set your previously scanned finger on the home button, and just like that you are in your phone and ready to go. It is so simple, and no one else can get into your phone without your permission. Long gone are the days where your friends see you type in your passcode so often that they memorize it themselves. Another bonus about Touch ID is that Apple promises not even the NSA will have access to obtaining fingerprint information.

The iPhone 5s also sports an updated camera system. The Camera app is noticeably faster, especially with autofocus, but the best update in the app is quite obviously the “slo-mo” option. This camera mode can entertain for hours by making even the most mundane activity look epic.

The technology behind the genius of Apple can be difficult to understand or too time-consuming to make one care enough to learn. All that is important to know is that the technology is updated. It is faster, and it is better. What Apple has failed to do so far is actually release apps that allow this new A7 chip and 64-bit processor to actually be useful to users.

Another area where Apple has failed is in the battery. The iPhone 5s performs no differently than any of Apple’s others smart phones when it comes to battery life. The claims for a much longer-lasting battery have fallen through. People who use their 5s all day long will find that they need a recharge at least once, particularly those who play lots of games or send lots of Snapchats. Yes, the 5s does have a better battery than Apple’s previous smart phones, but it still isn’t a good battery.

Apple released its most powerful to-date smart phone, the iPhone 5s, almost four weeks ago. Among the new Touch ID system, faster processor and better camera, the iPhone sports three new colors — gold, ivory and space gray. Those looking to purchase ivory and space gray phones had very few problems finding them at stores or receiving them within two weeks of ordering online. The gold iPhone 5s, however, is a rare thing. There were a limited number for sale at locations and those who ordered the gold iPhone only now just started receiving them.

That’s why this review is several weeks after the iPhone 5s’s release.

Many people, at first enamored by the newness of a gold iPhone, may the desire for one away when they hear how long it takes to receive it. Those with more patience, however, should wait. The gold iPhone has a classiness and uniqueness that made the extra three-week wait worth it.

While the iPhone 5s has a few new features, it is essentially the same as the iPhone 5 when it comes to appearance. For this reason, those with iPhones 5 should hold off on buying a new phone until the iPhone 6 makes an appearance sometime next year. Those with an iPhone 4s or any model older than that, however, would not regret making the upgrade to the iPhone 5s. Just beware — new charging systems are required.

4/5 stars

Jaime Hillegonds is a junior English-writing major. This review reflects the view of the writer only.

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