EDITORIAL: CMCs should be paid … again 3

By Huntingtonian editorial staff

Freshman mentors are paid. Resident assistants are paid. Student tour guides are paid. Students tutors are paid. Chapel card  scanners are paid.

But campus ministry coordinators are not.

They do not receive room and board compensation either. But they are responsible for planning over 25 floor worships and two chapels a year. They can also plan other activities to enhance their floor’s spiritual life. They have to meet once a week with their resident assistants and once every other week with Grace McBrayer, director of volunteer service and outreach ministry.

The program was almost cut in 2010 because of budget cuts. Instead, it was kept as a volunteer-only position.

They should be paid once again.

Yes, the university is still having budget issues. But the priority of the campus is to have “Christ at center.” What other student position has a greater impact on the campus’ spiritual life than CMCs?

Depending on the dorm, some CMCs are given a $40 budget per semester to spend on floor events. They get $5 per student for any books they may need for a small group study. One CMC said they were told to spend all of it to make sure they keep getting a budget every year.

If they are paid, CMCs should still be held accountable for their position just like any other paid job on campus to ensure they are properly fulfilling the duties of the job.

“I definitely think we should be paid,” a former CMC said. “There’s a lot of work that goes into it. It’s basically like another job for me, but it wasn’t paid. I wouldn’t have had to work other jobs as much if I was paid as a CMC. I needed some income to live off of.”

Before their salary was cut, CMCs were paid $1,000 for the year. We’re not saying that CMCs be paid this again, but they at least deserve some compensation for their hard work.

The Huntingtonian editorial is written by the editorial staff: Jared Huhta, Laura Good, Alex Hoffman, Brooks Hooley, Michelle Embree, Jaime Hillegonds and Breanna Amico. It reflects the viewpoint of the editors only and does not represent the viewpoint of Huntington University. The staff can be reached at huntingtonian@huntington.edu. 

The 2013-2014 editorial staff

The 2013-2014 editorial staff

3 thoughts on “EDITORIAL: CMCs should be paid … again

  1. Reply Brad Barber Sep 21,2013 11:55 pm

    CMCs definitely deserve compensation. The university asks a lot out of them and gives nothing in exchange. It would be different if they were volunteers at like a campus ministry program, where people sought them out. Instead the CMCs are held responsible for their floor/building and are encouraged to seek out the students (at least all of mine were). A couple CMCs told me my freshman year that they would obviously take compensation if given to them (again), but the reason they do the job is not for the compensation or whatever sort of authority that they get out of it; they do it because they believe that is what God is calling them to do. HU is taking advantage of this by not paying them.

  2. Reply Joanna Stebing Oct 12,2013 12:05 pm

    nothing like getting paid for your “service” to Jesus, right? ;}

  3. Reply Cary Brown Oct 25,2013 9:29 pm

    Everything in the article is solid. As a former CMC of two years, there are many behind the scene activities that have been impacted by the budget cuts. I also want to point out that before compensation for CMCs is funded, Campus Ministries as a whole needs to be funded.

    What more budget ‘could’ allow:
    *More good chapel speakers. (Thats right, they are not always free.)
    *More service opportunities off campus.
    *Better trained and equipped CMCs.
    *More attentive CMCs.
    *A better selection of students to hire as CMCs. (More would apply.)
    *More CM involvement in other campus organizations.
    *Another full time CM personnel. (We have a great team, but the department is understaffed.)
    *The list goes on.

    Going off topic… I would really love to see HU hire a few professional, adult (age 35+), councilors to be offered free to students. This too was a resource before the budget cuts. In my years as a CMC, I talked to several students privately and worked with them as they struggled numerous issues. Usually depression. HU provides councilors through their grad program, but I found that many students were not comfortable talking with someone so close to their own age. I even had peers I talked to avoid counseling all together because of this. The Life Spring center is across the road, but most of the staff there are the same. The closest counseling clinic is in Fort Wayne and is not cheap.

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