New residence life rules initiated after dorms painted

By Jared Huhta

Newly painted dorm rooms are forcing students to follow stricter rules on how to hang decorations. (Photo by Jared Huhta)

Newly painted dorm rooms are forcing students to follow stricter rules on how to hang decorations.
(Photo by Jared Huhta)

Several new rules for hanging objects have been created for students living in the residence halls this year. Students are no longer allowed to hang anything on the walls with certain materials that have been used in the past.

Over the summer, President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., helped organize work weeks for faculty and staff to prepare the university for the fall semester.

“They were hauling off things, cleaning out flower beds,” Emberton said. “Everyone was so excited to do it. It was really just a labor of love.”

Jesse Brown, associate dean of student development, said 110 rooms were painted in Livingston Hall, Wright Hall, Hardy Hall, Baker Hall and Roush Hall.

Todd Carroll, maintenance technician, said that they used 81 gallons of paint.

Because of the new paint, Brown said students cannot use duct tape, two-sided foam tape or staples to hang things on their walls.

“We want to take better care of the residence halls,” he said. “Over time and use, many rooms had shabby paint, left-behind tape residue on walls and holes in the ceiling, walls and furniture. When students were removing posters and pictures in May that were hung in August, they were also removing plaster and paint after it had been stuck to the wall for so long.”

Duct tape, blue sticky-tack, double sided tape, foam tape squares, double sided tape, puffy paint and foam tape squares are also not allowed to use for hanging objects.

Students are allowed to use white sticky-tack, hot glue on cinderblock walls, painter’s tape and command strips. But some students have said the new paint makes it very difficult for these to stick to the walls.

Junior Luke Batdorff said it was “impossible” to hang posters in his room.

“We tried hanging up six posters,” he said. “Within 20 minutes, only two of them were still on the wall.”

Junior Ashish Dhingra, resident assistant on Wright 2nd, has also had difficulties.

“I stuck a board on the wall with hot glue,” he said. “On the third try, it worked.”

He said some students on his floor were “kind of bummed” about not being able to easily hang things in their room.

Brown said the new rules are not in this year’s student handbook because the rooms were painted late in the summer. The changes will be in next year’s student handbook.

“I hope that students appreciate that we have reasonable expectations for what they can and cannot use to hang items in their rooms,” Brown said. “We are hoping to improve their physical living environment.”

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