OPINION: Pray Hard

By Jessi Emmert

Jessi Emmert (Photo by Mike Ayers)

It hasn’t been an easy few months for our campus.

In this issue, you’ll find a story about how a student from Boston, senior Danny Plouffe, is dealing with the recent attacks on his hometown.

There’s another story about junior Jessica and senior Alyssa Krause’s father, a missionary pilot who went missing near Mali two weeks ago.

Not long ago, we shared a story about senior Leah Smith’s struggle as she waits for a heart transplant.

These stories are heart breaking, and they’re not the only tragedy that has hit close to home recently. During spring break, a Carroll High School student died on a Campus Life trip that HU students and an alumnus were on as leaders.

I was talking with one of the leaders a few days after the event, and she said something that resonates in times of sorrow like these: “As awful as this is, I guess I’ve just decided to believe that somehow God will be glorified in spite of it, and he will use this tragedy for a reason.”

As this year comes to a close, we have the opportunity to spend these last few weeks praying with and for those who are hurting around us. Make the most of the time we have left as a community to seek God together, even in times of trial.


This is the last issue of The Huntingtonian for the 2012-2013 academic year. I would like to use this space to thank the people who have worked so hard to put the paper together this year.

To Ashley, K-Mil and Dr. Coffey: Thank you for protecting the integrity of this publication and allowing it to be truly student-run. We are blessed to attend a university that does not censor its student paper. Thank you for your advice, support and encouragement this year.

To our contributing reporters, photographers and artists: Thank you for working so hard to fill this newspaper with solid content. We appreciate the hours you have put into interviews, illustrations and photos.

To Brad, Josh, Jared, Rach, Laura, Marsh and Alex: You have been the best staff anyone could ask for. You have each been incredibly dedicated, loyal, hard-working and fun. Thank you for your commitment and support. The late design nights, countless inside jokes, emergency breaking news meetings and family dinners have been some of the highlights of my college career. Jared, this is your baby now. Take care of it and make it your own, and when all else fails, drink lots of coffee and hit the printer with a big stick.

Jessi Emmert is a senior journalism and history major. She has accepted a position with Good News Magazine in Houston, Texas and will begin in June.  She can be reached at emmertj@huntington.edu. This column reflects the views of the writer only.

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