Students think summer

By Rachel Batdorff

Stephanie Weigold and Stacie Cressman will be doing research in pharmaceuticals this summer. Photo by Rachel Batdorff

Less than a month until the last day of the semester.

Less than a month to figure out summer plans.

Camp counselor? Summer research? Graduate school?

Sophomore Caitlin Trainer has worked at Beulah Beach Camp on Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio for the past two summers. This summer she plans to return as the day camp assistant director.

“My family has gone to Beulah Beach my entire life,” Trainer said. “It quickly became one of my favorite places on earth.”

As a counselor, Trainer was in charge of about eight female campers ranging from 5 to 11 years old, whose day included praise and worship, zip-lining, water sports and field sports.

“All of the counselors are trained to think quick about ways to keep the campers busy when they are waiting in lines or when the weather inhibits our schedule,” she said. “I memorized many chants, songs and games that were used all summer long, and they always worked like a charm.”

As a day camp assistant director this summer, Trainer will have similar duties but will focus more on the counselors.

“My duties will include assisting the day camp director in planning the schedule, organizing registration, making announcements throughout the day, leading the staff in devotions every morning and serving as a guide and spiritual mentor for the counselors,” she said.

Other students are spending their summers doing research. Junior Jason Wright will be interning at Virginia Commonwealth University while juniors Stacie Cressman and Stephanie Weigold will be conducting research together at HU.

Wright said he will be working as part of the Practices and Perspectives Research Program that assists research teams.

“I am excited about the challenge to succeed at VCU,” he said. “Working with professors and graduate students will be challenging, but it will also give me the opportunity to learn a lot over the summer.”

Cressman and Weigold asked Tim Troyer, Ph.D., if they could assist him with his summer research to fulfill the research requirement for their major.

“I decided this summer would be the best time to do that,” Cressman said. “Research experience is highly looked upon when applying to graduate schools and will give me an advantage over other applicants.”

Other students, such as senior social work major Tianna Clark, will be spending their summer preparing for graduate school. Clark is enrolled in the Master of Higher Education and Student Development program at Taylor University. She will also be the assistant resident director of Olson Hall.

“Being an RA for two years further confirmed my passion for working with students,” she said.

Clark will move to Taylor in August. The job will last for two years.

“The dorm that I will be living in has 300 women,” she said. “I will help plan all-hall events, plan team meetings and hang out with students. I will also be in charge of leading the discipleship assistants in the hall.”

Clark said she looks forward to using her social work background to help advocate for, educate and mentor students.

“I cannot wait to live life with the women of Olson Hall,” she said.

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