Soccer field on schedule for fall season

By Sara Marshall

Progress has been made in the Forester Soccer Field renovations after a grub problem wiped out the home schedule for last season. The repairs are on schedule to have the teams return home once again this fall.

Lori Culler, athletic director, said that Clounie Landscaping undertook the job of repairing the field. Clounie also does the other landscaping work on campus.

Russ Lawson, men’s soccer head coach, expressed that he is very pleased with the progress and the process that was taken to fix the fields.

“Clounie killed off the old grass,” he said. “They also tilled the field over 40 tri axle loads of quality top soil to build a new crown for the center of the field. They also raised the level of the field to bring the sidelines flush with the interior drainage that has been installed.”

Culler said that this was a unique situation that affected the fields, and one the university hopes not to encounter again.

“The fields are always monitored for grubs and are treated if there is a problem,” she said. “The problem with the game field this fall resulted because of a combination of things that were related to installing the new track.”

The process has been extensive, but the university has taken caution in order to fix the problem and help prevent it from happening in the future.

Lawson explained that the next step in the process is to continue the seeding. He said the hope is to get two more rounds of seeding done before August, when the field will once again be in use.

Last season, the men’s and women’s teams had to resort to playing all of their home matches at a neutral site, with most games moved to Fort Wayne.

Sophomore Courtney Baker said that her team is excited about being able to play on their own field again in the fall.

“We do not want to go through what happened last year again, but we are grateful for the work that has been done and look forward to having home games once again this year,” she said.

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