ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Brandon Van’t Land

By Stephanie Yoder

With self-determination, a love for music and a heart for inspiring those around him, junior Brandon Van’t Land uses his music as a ministry and encourages those he encounters.

From the beginning, Van’t Land taught himself how to play the guitar.

Brandon Van't Land (Photo by Jared Huhta)

“I bought a crappy guitar and taught myself online how to play,” he said “I listened to the music and learned chords and tabs. I took a few lessons from a guy at church, but that’s about it. It was a lot of dedication.”

Van’t Land knew he always wanted to be involved with worship somehow. He led floor worship before becoming a Campus Ministry Coordinator this year. As a youth ministry major, he was involved with College Park United Brethren Church’s youth and praise band.

“This was great because I had the opportunity to teach instead of lead,” Van’t Land said.

Though his focus has never been leading, Van’t Land is now a leader of Joyful Noise, the campus praise and worship band.

“The idea of letting go and jamming as a band is so much fun,” he said. “Sometimes we just rock out. It’s hilarious and we are all just worshiping.”

Stage fright is not a problem for Van’t Land. He has played in front of people before.

“It doesn’t matter who is out there, if you are praising Jesus and worshiping it doesn’t mater if there are 10 people or 10,000,” he said. “It is just about having fun, and you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Whatever motions go with worshiping, they shouldn’t be restricted.”

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