MAC hosts poetry teahouse

By Laura Good

Jack Heller reads a poem at the MAC poetry teahouse (Photo by Laura Good).

The Multicultural Activities Board sponsored a poetry teahouse Nov. 29. in the Huntington Union Building. Students and faculty performed pieces that ranged from classics like Walt Whitman to original prose. Performers included Jesse Brown, Alli Dozet, Nathan Hartman, Jack Heller Ph.D., and Becca Perhai.

Admission to the event was free and students were treated to various teas and scones.
On Dec. 4, MAC partnered with SAB and JMC to host the campus Christmas party. MAC ran the Christmas ornament decorating part of the party.The staff is working on plans for the spring semester.

Giuliana Ruiz-Moreno, student director for MAC, said nothing is set in stone yet, but the board has definitely been throwing around ideas.
“One of our ideas for a big event next semester is a live Hunger Games simulation,” Ruiz-Moreno said. “It will be something like a mix of Survivor, The Hunger Games, and The
Amazing Race.”

Plans for this event are in the beginning stages, but the staff is excited about the possibility of seeing it come to life, she said.
“Students will volunteer and a boy and girl from each class will be chosen. They will potentially live outside for a weekend and the winner will receive a prize,” said Ruiz-Moreno.
Other potential events for spring semester are a Tom’s party and a MAC ekklesia.

“We have not discussed a Tom’s party as a team, but a lot of people enjoyed it last year and we’d like to do it again. Maybe we’ll open it up to the community to get more support,” Ruiz-Moreno said.

She also said that MAC is signed up for an Ekk semester, and may reprise an international fashion show like they did last year.

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