Basketball games now streamed online

By Josh Lanphier

Basketball games will now be streamed online via video.

This year if you can’t make it to the game, you can catch Forester basketball online.

All home basketball games are being streamed through the iHigh network, a free website that allows schools and organizations the ability to stream and archive sports footage.

This is the first year for such capabilities at HU, with the first broadcast happening during the opening game of the Ness Brothers Hall of Fame tournament.

Athletic Director and Women’s Basketball Coach Lori Culler said the sports department has been working on making this happen since the summer, and there are a number of advantages this opportunity gives the university.

“It provides our families, friends, alumni and fans an opportunity to follow our basketball teams from a distance,” Culler said. “It also provides our broadcasting and communications majors a great opportunity to enhance their resumes with hands-on experience in their field of study.”

Brooks Hooley, the sports director for FUSE FM and the video producer for the basketball broadcasts, has been in charge of getting the games broadcasted. He said while there were a number of hurdles that had to be overcome, the response to this point has been positive.

“There were plenty of hurdles to overcome,” Hooley said. “The response has been largely positive. We’ve had people tell us about their relatives and friends as far as Texas and Arizona that have been able to watch and are overjoyed because they can see the game.”

While this is advantageous to the basketball programs, this also is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the field of sports broadcasting.

Junior Eric Banton, the main play-by-play commentator, said he thinks this will help his resume after graduation.

“I would say iHigh does make for more marketability for jobs post-college, being a broadcaster, it gives me another outlet to show my work,” Banton said. “It incorporates video into a demo tape that I could send out for possible employers to look at in addition to my audio work.”

The first two games that were broadcast on the iHigh Network generated nearly 2,000 views.

To watch archive games, or future games, you can visit The games can also still be heard live on the radio at 105.5 FUSE FM.

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