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Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With Me
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Freshman Emily Puterbaugh throws the disc in KanJam. (Photo by Mirlyne Charles)

5 comments to SLIDESHOW: Olympiad XIX

  • Isaac Becker

    Ermagerd! Celerbrting!

  • Justain Chastain

    I think the Olympiad would be better if they gave chapel credits, or two, for going and watching. This is what Huntington is all about!!!!!!

  • Luke Brenneman

    This comment has been removed because it does not adhere to the Huntingtonian comment policy.

  • Justin Chastain

    Luke, its a great event, I cant deny that. But its awful that HU supports it so much and its athletic programs so little. Why dont they buy their student section T-Shirts like the do those stupid olympiad shirts? WHy dont students come out and cheer for college sports?

    I just feel the chapel credits are deserving for all the students giving up their precious study times…

  • Luke Brenneman

    The previous post under my name was not posted by me. Honestly, I’m just confused by it more than anything else.

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