220 serve through JMC fall work day

By Laura Good

The Joe Mertz Center hosted their annual fall work day Oct. 20.

Brooks Hooley and Tyler Skinner paint a porch overhang and a residential house on Buchannan Street (Photo by Jared Huhta).

Students served at various locations in the community with their floor. Projects included volunteering at a nursing home and painting a local resident’s porch.

The JMC staff themed the event “Football Fall Work Day.” Breakfast was served at 8:15 a.m. in the Habecker Dining Commons for the 220 students who signed up to work. Football-themed music blared from the DC speakers.

Afterward, students volunteered at their assigned sites for about three hours. There were 17 different sites.

“I love Fall Work Day because it is a great time for the floors to all work together to help people in the community,” sophomore Hardy basement resident Ally Mussleman said. “My floor went to a local nursing home and helped with some landscaping then hung out with some of the residents. It was a great time of fellowship for our floor and the residents at Miller’s Merry Manor.”

Junior Micah Christensen, student director of JMC, said Fall Work Day is unique to the campus.

“It’s a special event because it’s unlike anything else offered on campus. It’s unique to our campus because everyone has the opportunity to get out and serve the community,” Christensen said.

Christensen said one group worked to finish a house recently constructed for a homeless person and that knowing the family would be able to move into their new home was an incredible feeling.

“This event is so impacting. Whether it’s raking leaves in someone’s yard or building a playground at the YMCA, it’s something we can do to show the community the love of God. It impacts students and the people who benefit from the different service projects,” Christensen said.

The JMC Spring Work Day will be held Apr. 20.

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