By Jared Huhta

(Illustration by Cate Rinchak)

Student Activities Board will host the Olympiad XIX opening ceremonies tonight at 7 p.m.

The campus-wide competition will last until Oct. 28.

Tonight’s event will feature the introduction of teams and the presentation of flags in the fieldhouse in the Merillat Physical Education and Recreation Complex.

While there are several returning games from previous years, games like floor hockey, bucket drop, “Halo: Reach” and marble drop will debut for the first time.

“We’re hoping to build a level of suspense,” Katie Dwyer, student director of SAB, said of marble drop, “and we wanted to provide at least one event that people were not able to practice for ahead of time.”

As usual, teams will receive spirit points in addition to points for placing in different events.

“The process for how we administer these points is traditionally top secret and only known by SAB members,” Dwyer said.

Team colors, chosen by the members of SAB, are light blue, kelly green, island yellow and deep purple. The light blue team is Wright 1st, Baker 2nd, Livingston 2nd, Hardy 2nd and Baker 1st. The kelly green team is Livingston 3rd, Baker 3rd, Roush 1st, Roush 2nd and Hardy 3rd. The island yellow team is Forester Village, commuters, Wright 2nd, Livingston 1st and Roush 3rd. The deep purple team is Wright 3rd, Miller Hall, Meadows Hall, Hardy 1st and Hardy basement. SAB’s T-shirts will be pink.

Kyle Metzger, first-year coordinator of SAB, said he is still adjusting to organizing SAB’s biggest event of the year.

“The hardest piece for me is learning the rules and structure of the different events that some of these students have been doing for four years,” Metzger said. “But it’s been really exciting to learn and see the excitement of the board members and the student body in general.”

Dwyer said the goal of Olympiad is to build community on campus.

“The most exciting part of Olympiad is the opportunity for different floors to come together and compete alongside of people they may not normally interact with on campus,” Dwyer said.

SAB is also offering updates through text messaging. Students can text “Olympiad XIX” to 269-271-7045 to receive Olympiad alerts.

“Olympiad has the potential, especially this year, to be engaging and exciting, but it’s always up to the student body to make that so,” Metzger said. “I am very excited to get started and see how it all plays out.”

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