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By Sara Marshall

Frankle, a 2011 graduate, appears on three billboards throughout Fort Wayne. Photo provided.

You have probably seen the words “I Am a Forester” splashed across a Fort Wayne billboard, poster or website recently – it’s the name of a new campaign recently launched by the marketing task force for the university.

“This campaign is exciting. It is exciting to see how this idea that we had a couple months ago has really taken off and become a great thing,” Jeff Berggren, senior vice president for enrollment management and marketing, said. “We are looking forward for how it will continue to grow.”

The campaign idea came from the nationwide famous “I Am a Phoenix” slogan, used for the online school.

“The goal of the ‘I Am a Forester’ campaign is to focus on traditions and the campus’ specific offerings and make them more widely known, especially in the Fort Wayne area,” said Berggren.

Ashley Smith, associate director for media relations and a member of the Marketing Task Force, said the campaign is a way to show the variety of programs available.

“This campaign is a great way to connect the people of Fort Wayne to Huntington, making them more aware of this university,” she said.

The Marketing Task Force began by making a list of individual alumni who represented what they felt the school stood for and who are currently working in Fort Wayne. There are presently three different individuals who appeared on “I Am a Forester” billboards.

Jay Peters, a 1980 alumnus, is an elementary school principal at Forest Park Elementary. There are four different billboards showcasing him in different locations near Forest Park Elementary, including Glasgow Avenue, Main Street and West State Boulevard.

Berggren says that Peters has sensed community pride when he tells his students why he is on a billboard.

The campaign aims to make people aware that there is more to the school than its small-town location, Berggren said.
“It is having a great impact in some ways that people aren’t even aware of, and we want to share that,” he said.

Along with Peters the billboards showcase Emily Frankle, a 2011 alumnus, and Adam Widener, a 2009 alumnus.

Frankle, a Parkview Hospital nurse, appears on billboards on Saint Joe Road, West Washington Center Road and Leo Road North.

Widener, WANE-TV broadcast journalist, appears on billboards on West Jefferson Boulevard, West Main Street, on US 930, east of New Haven and the intersection of Ardmore Avenue and Engle Road.

Berggren said the campaign’s main resource is the billboards, but the slogan is also in different medias, such as TV ads and different forms of advertisement.

The campaign hopes to advertise wherever possible using the new slogan. They hope to add to the three existing personalities and have 10 people showcased in total by the end of October.

“This is a great tool for the university, and we hope that we are able to make people more aware of the impact we are having,” Berggren said.

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  1. Reply James Campbell Aug 16,2013 1:25 pm

    Your alumni, Mitzi Huffman of Angola, should be considered for the I Am A Forestor campaign.

    She has devoted her life to helping seniors and the infirmed with her Stepping Stones Ministry through all type of supporting service including respite care, meals, home keeping any any other service needed.

    I believe her husband Dave and her sons Trent and Troy were also Hunington College alumni.

    A wonderful and worthy perslon.


    James Campbell

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